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The Health Department, required by the Public Health Code and Connecticut General Statutes with the “preservation of health and safety,” is concerned with:
  • Environmental health, health promotion and education of communicable diseases.
  • Surveillance and prevention.
  • Screening and immunization.

Public Health

The role of public health is to prevent illness and promote health, a goal that all of us would want as much as we value fire or police protection. It is just common sense that keeping people healthy is preferable to having to cure them after they get sick. Most of our work is behind the scenes: inspecting restaurants, testing the bathing waters at public beaches and pools, following up on infectious diseases to prevent their spread, promoting and offering timely immunizations, monitoring and prevention of lead poisoning, inspecting day care centers and schools, and a wide variety of other efforts to limit or prevent disease.

Environmental Health

In environmental health, the department tackled the West Nile virus problem by contracting to have a mosquito reduction program administered throughout the city. The department monitors and follows up reportable diseases as required by the state Department of Public Health to protect the public from the spread of communicable diseases through contacts at restaurants or day care centers.

For information on the coronavirus, see the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Informational Flyer.

For the latest information on COVID-19 from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, visit the CDC.

For information on the Zika virus, see the Zika Virus Informational Flyer.

Health Department Sanitarians

  • Test the water at public pools and beaches.
  • Inspect restaurant and food service facilities.
  • Inspect and approve septic system and well permits.