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Payments by U.S. Mail

A pre-addressed return envelope, with a Hartford P.O. Box, is enclosed for your convenience. This address represents the city’s lockbox service. Please mail the exact amount along with your tax bill. The lockbox service is set up to process only the current grand list year. This service will not return a paid receipt nor process any payments without the original tax bill.

If your tax bill has Delinquent Taxes Due printed on it, was printed off the website, was paid through an online banking service, or you do not have a bill, do not mail it to Hartford. Send payment directly to the tax office at the address below. Please include some type of tax information to help post your payment. Be advised that the lockbox service is only available during the months of July and January. All payments made after the deadline (see Notice to Taxpayer) should be addressed to:

Tax Collector
City of West Haven
P.O. Box 401
West Haven, CT 06516

For a DMV clearance, we recommend making payment at the tax office. Please use cash, bank check, money order or credit card (convenience fee applies).

Payment at Tax Office

The tax office makes every effort to process payments as quickly as possible. During the collection periods, we experience heavy volume. We appreciate your patience. Each payment must be checked and verified before it is entered into the system. Please have your tax bill and payment ready to quickly facilitate transaction. We ask that if you have more than 10 tax bills, please leave them for processing after business hours. Doors to the public are open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The tax office does not close for lunch.

Online Credit Card/Debit Card/E-check Payments

Payments can be made through Point & Pay LLC. Point & Pay charges a 2 ½% convenience fee with a minimum of $2. All major credit cards are accepted: Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. Master Card Debit and Visa Debit may be used for a flat fee of $3.25. All electronic check payments charge a flat fee of $0.95.

POINT & PAY QUESTIONS? Call 888-891-6064 and select option 1 for a representative.

PAY BY PHONE has been added to our credit card option. Simply call the IVR number at 833-819-5114, enter your unique ID number (account number, bill number, etc.), then confirm and enter your payment information. Your payment will show under your reports for IVR payments.

If you need a tax clearance for a DMV registration, we recommend paying at the tax office. Please do not mail credit card information to the tax office.

Online Bank Payments

When paying tax bills through an online banking service, provide enough information in the memo section to ensure that your payment is processed. Depending on the type of tax bill — real estate, motor vehicle or personal property — the following information is very helpful:

  • Name printed on the tax bill
  • Bill number(s) with grand list year
  • License plate number (not vin number)
  • Property address or company name

Do not mail these types of payments to the Hartford address. All online banking payments should be sent to:

Tax Collector
City of West Haven
P.O. Box 401
West Haven, CT 06516

Mail Slot/Drop Box Payments

A mail slot (drop box) is located outside the tax office in City Hall for your convenience. The drop box is accessible during City Hall’s hours of operation from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The drop box is only used during the collection cycles. Acceptable forms of payment, for the drop box only, are check or money order. Do not leave cash or credit/debit card information. The tax office makes every effort to process these payments as quickly as possible. During the collection cycles, due to the large quantity, some of these payments may be sent to our lockbox service. If your payment is dropped off on time and does not get processed until after the deadline, you do not get charged interest.

Please use only blue or black ink on your checks and put your name on the outside of the envelope.

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